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Beno Arnejcic

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Ph. D. Psychology
Slovene, English, German, Croatian, Serbian

Beno Arnejčič, Ph. D., Assistant Professor is regularly employed at the Pedagogical Faculty in Koper. Beno is a teacher with many years of experience working in the military, defence system and education, and working with members of the Roma community. Over the past two years, with its advisory work, it helps young people and children and students who lack the necessary motivations, self-confidence and learning and relaxed life. Beno is a determined advocate of movement in all aspects of the body, psyche and relationships. In 2018 he published his scientific monograph Run  and Escape: The subconscious power of human being in motion. In it, with practical examples, it also shows hypnotherapy in relation to the desired motivation for movement- spiritual and physical.

Beno sympathetically listens to each other and accepts diversity, knowing that each of us is a special and unique personality. Athletics, marathon runner, runner and veteran athlete, university graduate defense attorney who, after working in the military and defense field, found his vocation in education and doctoral thesis in psychology, higher education teacher and researcher of related and emotional skills at the Faculty of Education of the University of Primorska, master NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), coach by the method of CG Junga, member of the international couching association ICA, medical hypnosis therapist, member of the Athletic Association Slovan in Ljubljana, member of the Society of Psychologists of Slovenia, president of the expert council of the Slovenian Society for Neurolinguistic Programming (SNLP) for psychotherapy and counselling, and a member of the Society for Medical Hypnosis of Slovenia.

6000 Koper, Slovenia

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